Why ISM Connect?

ISM Connect works with venues and brands to create and deliver targeted content that is timely and relevant. We generate incremental revenue for venues by opening up a new digital marketing channel that gives brands a uniquely engaging way to interact with consumers. Best of all, we provide measurable results with analytics that enable real time decision making.

Our bright, bold screens are available in form factors ranging from jumbotrons, 86-inch single or double sided weatherproof formats to interactive street furniture. Our mobile apps offer the latest in proximity based marketing capabilities including gamification, scavenger hunts, location sharing, beacon integration and augmented reality. Our social media campaigns and promotions begin with an event focus, but extend far beyond the venue, amplifying your reach and driving foot traffic to points of commerce. By connecting all the digital touchpoints at live events, we create an ecosystem that blends the real life experience with the digital world.

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Speedway Motorsports announces digital partnership with ISM Connect

"We are thrilled about the long-term partnership with ISM Connect, and the opportunity to leverage their state of the art digital platform across the entire Speedway Motorsports portfolio. Our integrated program puts the fans first and ISM Connect has gone above and beyond to create a uniquely engaging platform which continues to improve the fan experience across our properties."

Mike Burch, Chief Strategy Officer, Speedway Motorsports

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